by admin on March 17, 2014

I am happy to say I have now signed with Nitro Snowboards. I have been with my old sponsor Rome for over ten years and it has been awesome but it is finally time to move on. One of my first boards was a Nitro Shadow so I am stoked to be with another brand that I really like. Nitro is a core brand that has been around for a long time so I hope I can do them justice!



That was the Olympics

by admin on February 27, 2014

I can’t believe how fast the Olympics have come and gone! It has been a blur of awesome experiences and I am so glad that I got to be a part of it all!












Unfortunately my event didn’t quite go to plan. In the first run my legs felt like jelly and I washed out on my first hit, I got up and still did a pretty good backside 5, frontside 10 and switch alley pop rodeo but I knew that after one fall there was no chance to get into the final round. For my second run I felt good and was on to a solid run: Frontside 7, double haakon, air, backside 5, but then on a frontside 10 I landed and then seemed to hit a bump in the pipe which flipped me over and so it was game over. I was gutted to fall in my runs and not make it into at least the semi finals but that’s just how it goes!

photo-14 copy












Even though I fell I still loved competing at the Olympics! It had been a long road to get there and I am stoked just to get to ride! After the event we had time to relax in the athletes village and watch all the other events but the best thing was that I got to go ride the mountain every day. Above the half pipe was some good snow, cliffs to drop, chutes to explore and lips to slash. Some of my best days snowboarding have been these last two weeks of just cruising around the mountain!












There has always been controversy over snowboarding being in the Olympics and some riders say that the Olympics has compromised the core values of snowboarding. I don’t think that snowboarding is just about the Olympics, there are many sides to snowboarding that all deserve respect and are equally worthy. But I think it is great how the Olympics has brought snowboarding into the public eye over this last month. It has had a huge impact in the UK and it was great to hear that dry slopes and snow domes are full and lessons have been selling out! Ultimately the aim of the Olympics is to bring all the countries of the world together in a peaceful celebration of sport, and no matter how you look at it this can only be a positive thing!




February 7, 2014

                    Made it to Sochi and am absolutely stoked to be here! This is me and Ben Kilner on the first day we arrived into the athletes village. Looking forwards to the opening ceremony tonight and then starting official Halfpipe training tomorrow, will get more pictures […]

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Team GB Webisodes

January 16, 2014

In December Life Cinematic came out to Colorado to make a web series about the British Freestyle Ski and Snowboard teams. There are different episodes each focusing on a different member of the team, so here is mine.

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The Long Road To Sochi Continues…

December 29, 2013

My last post was in June so here I will try and sum up the last 6 months! Also I have put up my California edit in the “Videos” section. July – Training in North London on a trampoline/ foam pit but missed the foam pit and bashed my ankle up. 2 weeks on crutches […]

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June 12, 2013

                              After spending a few weeks at home recuperating from a busy contest season, it was time to get back on snow for some more training. I had heard about a camp run by Bud Keene who is Shaun White’s personal coach […]

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