Rockstar Throwback Contest

by admin on April 16, 2012

This is one of the 2 contests I did this year and one of the most fun events I’ve ever done. It was set up to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Breckenridge mountain and some old school pro’s were invited to compete against some of the newer halfpipe riders. The contest was split into two halves, the first being in the 22 foot superpipe and the second in the 6ft hand dug mini pipe!  Unfortunately on my last run I slammed on my arm and fractured my elbow, but I had done enough before that to win the mini pipe and get 2nd overall, so at least the $1000 prize money took some of the sting out of my elbow!

The doctors say I’ll need 6 weeks to get my elbow heeled so that means my winter is over for now and it’s back home to England soon. But before that the Sun newspaper are paying me to go to China to teach a guy how to sand board down a huge sand dune (random but awesome!). Hoping I can manage to ride down a sand dune with my arm in a sling, we shall see…


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